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“For families and loved ones to open their hearts and homes to receive hospice care is a gift and a privilege for those of us who volunteer… It is a gift that keeps on giving beyond our time together”

“Disappearing I see you disappearing
Through the thin veil of life.
Each time we meet,
You are a little less there.

I am here watching
As you make the last journey,
Yearning to hold you back,
So we can go on chatting each week,
Trading stories from our lives.

I want to cheat the time frame,
Push back against what I know is possible.
But without the power to make you stay
All I can do is wish you well going home.”

“It has been a privilege to sit with the dying. In those quiet, honest moments I meet a truth within myself that we all need to meet as humans.”

“Spending time with the dying and their families is one of the most profound reminders of be-ing human, where the do-ing slows down and we are all reminded that we truly live in love and compassion for one another, regardless of one’s circumstance and life story. As a result, I don’t take any day for granted anymore. Volunteering has been a gift.”

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