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A one stop shop for the hardest time in your life and the ones you care for. They walked us through everything. The staff is top notch and very personal. Trail Winds were there 24/7. Even afterwards, they followed up with us to make sure everything was addressed. Trail Winds Hospice are the best! Thank you so much for your services.

“This is a team of very caring individuals. No matter the time of day they are all available to their clients and their client families. They truly make one of the hardest times in a persons life, the loss of a loved one, bearable.”

“My mother was able to pass away in a very peaceful and pain-free way and I was very grateful for how the Trail Winds staff handled this.  I trusted their decisions and suggestions. Ginger, the chaplain, even called me two months after my mother passed on to make sure I was okay. I really appreciated that she took the time to check in with me.”

“Great communication between myself and all staff members – they kept me up to date what they were doing for my mom and consulted with me before any changes were made. Even the volunteers were wonderful and I learned things about my mother I didn’t know after talking to them because they took the time to talk to her and find out about what she liked and just in general be a friend to her. The whole staff was great being available 24 hours a day when needed.”

“When I was told my mother needed Hospice care I was really nervous and scared – what did this mean? When Brittani from Trail Winds Hospice contacted me – I was immediately put at ease after talking to her. I was impressed by her knowledge and genuineness plus she listened to my concerns and questions and answered them in a way I could understand how Hospice Care works. I was brought in to meet the staff before I signed up. I could tell right away that this group really cares about their clients. This is not a numbers business – they are all about providing the best possible care and love to their clients.”

“I would highly recommend Trail Winds to anyone looking for hospice care for their loved ones.”

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