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On the Front Lines

Our nurses, physicians and support staff go every place our patients and families need us every single day. But now, more than ever, as we help our patients through the dying process with personal care and compassion, each of us is under additional stress for every visit. We visit nursing homes, low income dwellings, community housing and prisons, in addition to private homes and health care facilities. Not only is the stress from making these visits but from the danger that our small community hospice may not survive this financially.
We created our non-profit foundation not even knowing how important it could be in times like these. Every day, and sometimes every hour, we carry the strain of desperately trying to avoid any staff or service reductions. We can use your contribution to avoid financial stress to our dedicated staff and our operations and that will allow us to focus 100% of our attention on our patients and families.

Trail Winds Hospice Foundation

The Trail Winds Hospice Foundation is a 501c(3) created to ensure that no one goes unserved.
Your contribution is tax deductible.

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